Technical description of the plant

The chosen plot site owned by Mr. Petřík is located in Peloponez peninsula between Kalamata and Messini. There are civil and military airport near and river Pamissos is at the west side. There are irrigation channel and engineering networks around the plot side. It is easily reached from main and local roads. Required investigations during building licensing according to conditions of local states were accomplished.
Suggested plant for production of algae is composed like compact, technologically closed manufacture with no wastes and no influence (noise or exhalations) on environment. For waste water treatment constructed wetlands will be used.
Project design is worked out in according to local law, technical, climatical and seismic conditions including local protection. Concept of plant design - see appendix 1.
Building SO 22, which is localized in east-south corner of the plot side, will serve with store in the north for short term accommodation of montage workers and scientific staff during building and starting stage of production. Building SO 22 will be permanent and in starting stages will substitute a central administration building, which will be realized at the end of the project. Local capacities, material sources and human resources will be maximally exploited during realization of building.

Supplement data

Total area of the plot site is 5,9 ha. Built-up are in first stage is 2500 m2 (4,2%), final design 16300 m2 (27%). Design respects all construction limits and restrictions. Water and electrical supply will be provided by current engineering networks. Building license for first stage was issued by local states with validity for four years. After beginning of building construction will take up extension of building license for final size of plant.



Project economy

According to calculation of sale price of dried biomass USD 25/kg and temporal prices of building and laboratory materials return of first investment and grant subsidy is c. 4.5 years, incomes in next years will be used for accomplishing of the total project within following 2-3 years i.e. total project will be realized and financed after c. years.


Establishment of market for production

Sale of production according to the proposed project is being prepared by own business firm "Chlorella Trading Kft", resident in Gyor, Hungary and by contract about a future contract with two Japan firms from the present distribution network of products from Chlorella.
There are no limits from the territorial point of view. Lower production costs compared to present main producers enable to offer favorable price with reasonable discount also to existing and established market networks of chief dealers from Japan, Taiwan, USA, Germany, England and Holland. From point of view assortment it will be sold pure Chlorella powder for further processing in the first years. But later it is planned own processing capacity for utilization of medical, e.g. immunostimulating and regeneration effects of Chlorella for humane and veterinary purposes.
Ensurance of production quality is reached by using of healthy strains of Chlorella, which are controlled by microbiological laboratories and by using scientifically verified and long-term tested technology of algae cultivation and their processing. All technologies will be fit to the rules of EU for GLP and GMP in every phase of production and processing.
So far there are unused reserves in pharmaceutical utilization of Chlorella as a row material for production of pharmaceuticals. Crucial medical utilization of Chlorella is indirect in form of dietary supplements and vitamin preparates.

Project financing

The total estimated costs of the whole project is c. 11 million EUR.
Till now (November 2001) the companies represented by Mr. Jan Petřík have invested 66 332 000 CZK i.e. 1 833 000 EUR: Know how (technology of algae cultivation) has been bought from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, plot for construction of cultivation plant has been selected and purchased (Kalamata - Messini total area 59600 m 2), feasibility study has been elaborated and issued in English, Greek and Czech languages, design and other documentation for construction project has been elaborated and construction license issued by Greece authorities. Test cultivation unit has been constructed in Kalamata according to know how purchased and procedure of algae cultivation has been tested in site (in climatic and environmental condition of Kalamata-Messini) during 24 months.